seventy-five: luck for Lonny’s Michelle Adams

Friends, I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Michelle Adams of Lonny Magazine fame this past Saturday. She was a complete delight (I have to admit I was a little star struck). In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I’m sending a wee bit of luck her way… a day early.

March 16, 2011

Dear Michelle,

I just wanted to wish you luck on your tv segment this week. I know you will be a sensation (just like the last few shows). That Nate Berkus is one lucky man!

As I mentioned on Saturday, I just adore what you’ve done with Lonny! Simply brilliant! You are leading the charge of online magazines and doing a damn good job. I hope you pat yourself on the back at least twice a day. Thanks for bringing a little beauty and decorating genius to my inbox. And extra thanks for being so lovely in real life.

So, lots of luck! I can say with complete confidence, your outfit is a total showstopper, wink.



Dee & Lala



  1. susie says

    I know this is a ridiculously nerdy question — but what kind of pen is that?! I love it! The shade of green is so cute. :)


    • says

      Not nerdy at all! It’s a Le Pen. And if you’ve never used one, you are missing out! They have a micro-fine tip and don’t bleed–I have them in loads of colors. The pen I used on Michelle’s note is “light green”. You can buy them here.

  2. Katie says

    Thanks Susie for asking about the pens! I’, always on the hunt for good, colorful pens (and markers) and these look fantastic! Thanks Lauren for the “where to buy” links!

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