Presidential Love


I love couples in love. Regardless of your political affiliation, its hard to deny the sweetness between Michelle and Barack. They seem so in love, twenty years later. And on Inauguration night they dazzled.

Geri Bauer

Geri Bauer

But my favorite political romance of all time is the Reagans. Perhaps because President Reagan was such an avid letter writer. He wrote dozens of love notes to his wife, which she later compiled into a book entitled I Love You, Ronnie.  One of my favorite lines from the book… “Every time Mr. Reagan sees the evening star or blows out the birthday candles or gets the big end of the wishbone he thinks the same wish– a prayer really–that so much happiness will go on and somehow be deserved by him.” Mr. Reagan often expressed himself in the third person-bah! A wish for happiness, how sweet.


  1. Katie says

    I too LOVE Barack and Michelle’s love. If you liked “I love you, Ronnie” you should check out “The 50 Greatest Love Letters of All Time” – it’s fantastic! I find myself picking it up now and then, re-reading highlighted passages, and falling in love over and over again!

    • admin says

      Katie, thanks for the recommendation. I’ve heard wonderful things about the book–it’s officially on the wish list! Thanks!

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