one hundred and twenty-nine: letters for Mary + Mary

Today’s letters are for Mary B. and Mary F.

Mary B. is facing some difficult decisions but taking them in stride. And Mary F. is busy planning a wedding, while overcoming some health challenges. I hope these requested letters bring a little sunshine to their respective days!

one hundred and twenty-nine:

Mary B,

I am so very sorry for your situation. Mind you, this is not “feeling sorry” masquerading as empathy. Unfaithful men are the worst! And the wake of their reckless decisions can be unbearable.

I am so proud of you! For standing up to your husband and for choosing a better life for you and your daughter—she will thank you for this someday. You are not a wounded puppy but a fierce warrior. And anyone who tells you otherwise probably just wants to protect you. This must be tough on the people who love you too.

I hope this time in your life flies, and that you find happiness and love again soon. I’ll be thinking of you.



Paper + Cup


one hundred and twenty-nine and a half:

Mary F,

Your friend Allison tells me wedding bells are in your near future. Congratulations! I have a foot in the wedding business and know planning a proper celebration can be equal parts fun and exhausting. I’m sure whatever you’ve cooked up will be just perfect for you and your fiancé.

Allison also mentioned a couple of health issues and medical bills threatening to rain on your parade. Chin up Mary! I hear you have a very sunny outlook in life (which I greatly admire) so chase those rain clouds away. I know it’s especially hard during times of trouble. I wish you good health and all the happiness you deserve. And a fairytale wedding to the man you love!



Paper + Cup

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