one hundred and twenty-five: a letter for Maura B. Jacobson

Confession: the New York Times Sunday crossword puts the fear of God in me. I’m still learning how to navigate symmetric grids. And those cryptic, crossword-only words—ess, ere, erie—they get me every time.

BUT, I have been practicing on one Ms. Maura B. Jacobson’s puzzles. They are by no means easy friends, but they are mind-boggling fun (and full of puns)! Maura is hanging up her hat after thirty years of puzzle making. I felt a proper goodbye was necessary.

May 6, 2011


Congratulations on your retirement! Your puzzles have been delighting me for the past six years. When my weekly issue arrives, I flip straight to the second to last page and fill in all the easy clues. Then I read page by page, until returning to your puzzle!

I loved your tribute in last week’s edition. I had no idea you’d been at this for thirty years or that you drew your puzzles by hand until just recently. And I love that you were a winning contestant on Jeopardy! You are a legend.

Wishing you a wonderful, well-deserved retirement! Thanks for bringing such joy to your puzzle solvers.

All the best,


P.S. I hope you liked the “toast” pun, wink.

bumble ink, New York Magazine tribute

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