one hundred and twenty: a thank you for Alex

Alex and I have this tradition of sending fun holiday and birthday presents, months late. My Christmas package arrived last week, fifteen kraft-paper-wrapped treasures. Some were from her days in London—squeals of delight—and others were “so Lauren” it was just nuts. A proper thank you was a must!

May 1, 2011


Oh my darling Palex, how do you do it?! I LOVE everything. Christmas in April sure is swell!

Naturally, I am especially smitten with the British fare. I can’t wait to start needle pointing my bookmark (my Gramma would be so proud) and playing with all my party and baking treats. I’ve already loaded up the straw caddy with my new stripes and I’m doing my best to write neatly with the fancy pen. What do you think?

I am such a lucky girl. Thank you for collecting all these treasures and schlepping them ‘across the pond.’ What did I do to deserve such a thoughtful friend? Thank you, thank you sweets!

I hope to see you and the seals of San Diego soon. Miss you lady! xx



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