one-hundred and three: a letter to Gwyneth

In addition to eating, I love to cook. I’ve just tucked in to Gwyneth Paltrow’s new cookbook (thanks Mom!), My Father’s Daughter. I know everyone loves to hate her, but I just adore her. I love her movies (and who could resist her on Glee?!), her weekly newsletter GOOP, even her husband’s music. I’ve dog-eared dozens of recipes and am counting down the days until summer’s bounty arrives at my farmer’s market.

April 14, 2011

Dear Gwyneth,

I am just smitten with your new cookbook. I love the organization and the assortment of recipes, especially the vegetarian ones. I live alone and while I love to cook, I often find myself in “same–old” ruts. I am in desperate need of a new repertoire. I’m hoping your new compendium will jolt me back to delicious variety (that and the spring bounty arriving at my farmer’s market). And although I’ve yet to make it, I’m going to thank you in advance for your fish tacos recipe—YUM—be still my beating heart.

Best wishes and continued success,


Sarah Drake (graciously donated–thank you)


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