one hundred and thirty-two: a letter for Tanner

Today’s letter goes out to a very special little brother, Tanner. His big sister Brittany was my childhood playmate. I remember when Tanner was born and an unexpected complication meant a weeknight sleepover for us girls. And how could I forget shooing him out of Britt’s room shouting, “you can’t play with us you’re a boy.” And then one day, when I wasn’t looking Tanner got tall and handsome and became a star volleyball player. How do you like that?

May 13, 2011


Congratulations on your graduation and your acceptance into med school! I saw your Mom last weekend and she was beaming with pride (as she should be)! Your sisters too! I am so happy for you and duly impressed.

What happened to the little boy with the chubby cheeks who always wanted to play “house” with the girls? I don’t know where the time goes, but from the looks of it you’ve grown up to be a mighty fine guy.

Sincere congratulations on all of your achievements. Best wishes and good-study karma at USF in the fall. I know you will make a brilliant doctor!

All the best,


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