one hundred and thirty-one: a letter for my pen pal Kathleen

Kathleen is my new pen pal. She attempted to send me a postcard all the way from Australia, but sadly it was returned. She sweetly scanned the card and emailed it my way. Luckily, my inbox was more hospitable. I love the idea of having a pen pal a half a world away, pulling on her sweater as I slide on my flip-flops. Since this lovely lady posted me mail from her hometown I decided to do the same.

May 12, 2011


I was overjoyed to receive your email… it would have been twice as nice to hold your postcard in my hot little hands, but I so appreciate your effort. My favorite line was “Do you have any contacts in Oz?” I can picture your sweet Aussie accent, ardently inquiring. And when I read it I imagined Oz, as in the Wizard of OZ, and really, who doesn’t want to be transported back to childhood, even if just for a moment. I bet your Oz is equally as wonderful as Dorothy’s ruby slippers. I have always wanted to visit Australia. And to answer your question, you are my first contact Ms. Kathleen and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m counting on you to help me plan my first adventure “down under.” What’s the best time of year to visit and where should I start. I know there is a whole lotta country to explore. Have you ever been to New York?

Your “American” Friend,


P.S. Thanks so much for reading and for your sweet comments—swoon!

vintage over-sized postcard from Dan’s Parents House at the Brooklyn Flea

(every time I see the towers I get a little pang in my heart, sigh)

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