one hundred and thirty-eight: a letter for a letter-lover

Friends, do you know about Shaun Usher, fellow letter-lover and blogger extraordinaire? I discovered Letters of Note a couple of weeks ago and was not heard from for days. And then I jumped over to Letterheady. And then I knew, the way you know about a good melon, this fine fellow needed a letter.

May 19, 2011


I was beyond delighted to discover your blog(s). Letters of Note is brilliant—it  kept me busy for hours; letter-voyeurism is so addicting. And then Letterheady and its enchanting collection of typographically pleasing stationery—SWOON. I felt I must write you a proper thank you of sorts.

Thank you for spending so much time cataloging the notes of others. You are championing the art of letter writing and should be applauded for your efforts. I feel it’s a lost art of sorts in our technology-driven existence. And yet, nothing quite compares to artfully crafted, hand-written correspondence.

And Letterheady is a beautiful capsule of very official stationery. I think everyone deserves personalized paper—perhaps that would encourage more letters? I love the simplicity of some (Paul Simon, I’m looking at you) and the cleverly illustrative nature of others.

You’ve made my day Shaun! Thanks for cataloging such great stuff. Continued success—long live the letter!



PS. I must know, do you have a favorite letter? I got chills reading “John Lennon signed my album” and felt a huge rush of inspiration after reading “Be your own self. Love what YOU love.”

Roger la Borde

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