one-hundred and four: a letter for Gelly

Angelica and I were big letter writers in high-school. We filled a spiral notebook with notes; we’d swap it back and forth between classes detailing the minutia of our days. All of our crushes and teenage angst are encased between these multi-colored, doodled pages. It’s only natural a letter-lover would save all her correspondence and this notebook is no exception. It is my most favorite anthology of high school—take that yearbook (which I edited).

Angelica and I lost touch after high school. We reconnected about a year ago, and it was as if not a day had gone by. She’s married now with a charming little boy. I am so happy to have her back in my life. She wrote the last letter, and ten plus years later, I’m finally writing back.

April 15, 2011


I stumbled upon our little notebook last time I was home. Ah, what a trip down memory lane. The boys, the kisses, the drama, the nicknames—it made me miss you and our youth! Mostly all the time we had—time enough to write twelve page letter (!), switch ink colors every three lines and doodle at will. Ha!

I am so glad we reconnected last year. There was hardly a day that went by that I didn’t wonder about you or kick myself for letting us fall out of touch. I loved seeing you and to catching up on the highlights of the last ten years. Watching you and Logan interact was really sweet—you are such a great Mom Gelly. And I love that you’ve found happiness in life. You’ve been through a lot and are so deserving of a sunny-ever-after my friend.

Here’s hoping many more letters are in our future, and pancakes too! I’ll give you a ring next time I’m down south.

Lots of love,


Bella Ink (graciously donated–thank you!)

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