one hundred and forty-one: a letter for Laurean’s love

Today I pulled from the ol’ requests file. I’ve been wanting to write this letter for a while now. I got a lovely note from Laurean who told me all about her wonderful boyfriend. As she described it, he is her Jack (as in Titanic)—love that! So I penned a little love note on her behalf.

May 22, 2011

Laurean is completely smitten with you! She sent me a note sharing your many talents, going so far as to call you a renaissance man— perhaps the ultimate compliment?! She gushed about your caring nature and your brilliant artistic abilities but failed to mention your name. She is so fond of your romantic gestures and wanted you to feel especially loved for a change.

Laurean appreciates your unwavering support and guidance in her life. Your love fills her with joy, coloring her days and lighting up her nights. Her heart beats with anticipation for the time you spend together. You are the king of her world.

She (+ I) thought you should know. I wish you a happily ever after straight out of a movie (without any sinking ships of course).



Kate’s Paperie (with some help from the Valentine)

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