one hundred and forty-four: condolences for Victoria

I recently read some sad news on Victoria’s blog. Her sweet Dad passed away. And although I don’t know Victoria personally, I’ve been following her decorating musings for the last five years, enchanted by every post. I attempted to copy her gorgeous gallery wall and just last month I painted my bathroom black. I thought this woman who has inspired me could use a bit of comfort, even from a stranger.

May 25, 2011


I am so sorry to learn of your father’s passing. From all I’ve read, he was a wonderful man and you two shared a very special bond. It must be a great relief to know he isn’t suffering. And yet an unbearable ache to realize he’s no longer just a phone call away.

I wish you comfort and support during this difficult time—I know your readers are all sending good vibes your way, myself included. May your father live on in your memories and in your heart, always.

In sympathy,


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