fifty-six: sincere thanks for a stranger

My Dad is a wonderful man with a tiny flaw—he loses things. Reading glasses, cell phones, receipts. I don’t know where it all goes. Lately, and despite my best efforts, I’ve been ‘misplacing’ a few things of my own. Are tendencies hereditary? Yesterday it was almost my cell phone. A kind stranger came dashing after me and in the bustle I forgot to ask her name (and mailing address) for a proper letter of thanks. This letter is very a la Missed Connections—here’s hoping she knows how much I appreciated her gesture.

February 25, 2011

To The Woman Who Rescued My Phone,

I cannot thank you enough! I know it’s a dramatic declaration, but my life is in that phone. I would be totally lost without it. I always believe in the kindness of strangers and you are a glowing example. I hope your little act of courtesy inspired those in line behind you. Thank you again! If I had smartly gotten your name you’d know my gratitude…



P.S. I really liked your hat and didn’t have a chance to pay you a proper compliment because I was so frazzled. Sorry about that—it was really lovely.

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