fifty-five: praise for Flex Mussels

I had an epiphany a few weeks ago. I ate a donut and I liked it.

I’ve never really appreciated donuts and I think its because I always attempted enjoyment at breakfast. Or I’ve never had a really good one. In either case, after a few of the gooey-filled variety at Flex Mussels*, I’m a convert. It should be noted that these donuts are not the stale, crumby variety from your local Dunkin’. They’re served warm, with a vanilla dipping sauce that’s liquid heaven. It’s the perfect end to a scrumptious dinner.

I went to Flex for the mussels, and boy were they good. But last night I returned, this time for the donuts. And I had the same awesome server.

*I’m usually reluctant to make recommendations, but I can say with confidence if you like mussels you will love Flex. Save room for the donuts!

February 24, 2011


Just a quick note of thanks for another wonderful dining experience—your wine recommendation was spot on, the mussels were hot and delicious, and the donuts… I just don’t have words for the donuts.

I hope my insistence of introductions didn’t freak you out. At least we didn’t wink at you for the liquor filled donuts, right?! Thanks again for a delightful dinner.



old school kate spade

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