fifty: birthday wishes for Derek

Derek and I met in college. He helped me with my biology labs (I maintain he’d be a rock-star teacher), was a masterful partner at beer pong and was always willing to move a futon. Derek is a true mid-western gentleman. He’s unintentionally funny too—he’d cook a full pound of ground beef and eat it all in one sitting, just to avoid leftovers. He’s a gem and I am so grateful for our friendship.

February 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Der! I hope you have a wonderful birthday that involves cake, pretty ladies and good beer. And if not that, I hope there’s Buck Hunter and Couch Bed—because you can never go wrong there. May the year ahead is filled with all good things—like pterodactyls and babies and bear skinned rugs.

I think we’re due for another visit—maybe you should come to New York before the subways become a sauna? Or maybe I should return to Beantown for that elusive Lobster Roll? Either way, lets make it happen soon.



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