a valentine thank you for mom + dad


I finally took down the string of paper hearts and I gobbled the last of the Valentine m&ms. It’s over, sigh. But thankfully spring seems to be just around the corner (wishful thinking?) and I have a fabulous trip to Paris to fantasize about.

Dear Mom + Dad,

Thank you for indulging me on my second favorite holiday. Oh how I love you both! I am over the moon for my heart stationery (I maintain hearts are for everyday). And the Parisian themed books are just divine. I hope to master the language and visit again before 2013 comes to a close. I guess that means I should start practicing my French… merci boucoup! And thank you for dinner too… does it get any better than impromptu pizza + wine!? Looking forward to catching up when you return from the sunshine state! Thanks again!



kate spade


  1. MEGAN says

    Can I tell you how happy I am right now? Reading this blog back in the day was a daily pleasure, and over tea this morning I decided to pop back, it had been a few months since I had last checked. Can you say jackpot? Congrats on the engagement! Can’t wait to start following again once I catch up to all I’ve missed. I am planning my own trip back to Paris in the fall and its all-consuming! I’ll have to check out these books. Enjoy!

    • admin says

      Thanks Megan! I’m so glad to have you back! Best of luck planning your trip to Paris–I want to know your travel secrets!

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