seventy-six: condolences for Claire

Claire’s mother Jenny sent me a touching letter request, one that really resonated with me. Claire’s friend Bitsy recently passed away. It is so hard to loose someone you love—the first time is especially tough. My heart goes out to Claire and all that loved Bitsy.

March 18, 2011


Your Mom told me about Bitsy. I am so very sorry for your loss.

My friend Maria passed away when we were just fourteen. She too was in a catastrophic car accident—her life was taken instantly. Just yesterday marked fourteen years since her passing. There is something particularly unfair about seeing someone young be taken too soon.

Your Mom also mentioned the beautiful scrapbook you’re hard at work on. I think it’s wonderful that you’ve channeled your grief into something so thoughtful and lovely. I know Bitsy’s family will treasure it always. And perhaps it will offer you some closure as well.

I know these next few months will be particularly tough. Allow yourself to grieve Claire. And know that Bitsy will live on forever in your heart and your memories. I’ll be thinking about you and all those that loved your sweet friend.

Deepest condolences,


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