seventy-four: letters for Avery + Travis

I am delighted have so many lovely letter requests! As such, I feel it necessary to implement (drum roll please) two-letter Tuesday! Every Tuesday (for the foreseeable future) you’ll find a pair of notes addressed to deserving requestees. Do you know someone who needs a letter? Tell me!

Today’s letters were both requested by proud Mama bears. Avery, age eight, just got glasses and is a little apprehensive about facing her classmates. And Travis is nearing the finish line of Navy Boot Camp.

March 15, 2011



Your Mom told me about your glasses. How exciting! Did you get to pick out your frames? What color are they? I bet you can see all the way to the top of the Empire State Building now.

I think glasses are pretty neat. When I was your age all the smartest kids wore them. I bet you’re smart too. And just think—you’ll win every game of i-spy with your new and improved vision!



Crane Stationery


Dear Travis,

A little birdie told me you needed a boost to coast through your last five weeks of boot camp. Consider this encouragement “YOU CAN DO IT” an order!

I am so thankful for your commitment to the Navy and by extension, our country. I can imagine your training is no stroll in the park—especially with a 3 AM wake up call (what time is lights out?!). I am in awe of your fitness regimen—running + pushups? I’m lucky if I log twenty minutes a couple times a week on the elliptical. And don’t even get me started on the pushups (an old boyfriend affectionately referred to my limbs as stork arms—probably not far from the truth). Do they ever get easier?

I hope these next few weeks fly! I’ll be cheering you on from New York and thinking of your journey ahead.



P.S. This birdie also mentioned your boots are killing your feet so I enclosed some camo band-aids. :)

kate spade


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