seventy: a letter for Ken

I grew up on Barbie. I had the pink convertible, the wardrobe and the entourage. I even had the original Barbie and Midge from the 1950’s, which my Mom so benevolently let me manhandle. And in full-disclosure, I was Barbie, (poufy pink dress, white heels and all) at the Times Square Toys R Us. It only took me a few hundred autographs to perfect her signature.

When Mattel launched their campaign to reunite America’s most favorite couple, I took notice. I didn’t even realize the duo broke up, did you? But I’m pleased to report, despite playing hard to get, and after many grand gestures, Barbie took Ken back!

Today Ken turns the ol’ nifty fifty. According to Barbie’s facebook page the two are celebrating with floor seats to the Lakers game… ah, yet another reason to envy that buxom blonde.

March 11, 2011


A very happy birthday to you! I know this is a big birthday, ahem, but I must say, you don’t look a day over twenty-one. What’s your secret? You’ve kept all your hair; even your washboard stomach has aged like a fine wine.

I hear Barbie has a very special evening planned for you two. I’m so happy you reunited. Thanks for being patient with her—she’s a complex character, what with over 125 careers and a trip to the moon under her belt. But you two were made for each other, literally. And I like to think true love conquers all.

Have a great day! I hope there’s cake and party hats and a little lovin’ from your main squeeze in the backseat of her convertible.




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    I just found your blog and I wanted to say I enjoy it to bits! I love what you are doing and keep up the good work. Also..I was unaware that Barbie and Ken had split up! And I am very happy to see that they resolved their differences. Peace!

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