one hundred and twenty-eight: a letter for Etta

Etta is a most charming lady. She is tiny in stature, but large in spirit. And for the last six weeks, every Wednesday night, she’s been advancing my knowledge of typography. I have had such fun geek-ing out to letterforms with like-minded peers. Etta is wonderfully patient and so encouraging—she’s the kind of teacher everyone should have at least once (this makes three classes for me–I’m extra lucky!).

May 9, 2011


I am a wee bit sad about this semester coming to a close. Mostly because I’ve taken all three classes you teach—there’s nothing left to enroll in!

I so enjoyed talking type weekly and pouring over your amazing book collection. And while my branding project is still wanting, I learned an awful lot.

Thank you for your wisdom and your encouragement. Learning from you has been such a pleasure. I do hope we’ll stay in touch—I know I intend to continue filling your inbox with my type finds, wink.

All the best to you,


Paper + Cup

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