one hundred and thirty-six: letters for Stefanie + Sara

Today’s letters go out to Stefanie and Sara. Stefanie recently celebrated a big birthday (I will keep the official number under wraps—girl code). And Sara spent twenty-nine days giving gifts to others—how inspiring is that?

May 17, 2011

one hundred and thirty-six:


Your friend JoCarol let me in on your birthday secret. I know I missed it, but happy belated. I hope there was a giant cake and enough balloons to float you home after the party.

I love your plans for this year—I am picturing you dancing around your bedroom with the Beatles “Revolution” turned up nice and loud. I think everyone should have a life checklist to keep them on track and I applaud you on yours. From the sounds of it you’ve got a load of friends to encourage you every step of the way.

Best of luck on your journey,


Gartner Studios


one hundred and thirty-six and a half:


Your proud Mama bear wrote to me and told me all about your 29 Day Giving Challenge. Wow! I immediately wanted to know more.

I bet your lucky recipients felt so touched—isn’t it amazing how one small gesture can really make someone’s day? I have no doubt your commitment to this project has proved to be life changing. And I bet you’ve inspired a few people along the way too.

I applaud your efforts and your commitment Sara—I kind of want to take on the challenge myself (in full disclosure, I have a geeky love of wrapping paper and bows). Thanks for the great idea!



Gartner Studios

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