one hundred and sixty-eight: a letter for a lobster roll (essentially)

The lobster roll is a wonderful thing friends—it is the most delicious mark of summer. Should you ever find yourself on County Road 39, en route to the Hamptons, do not miss East End Clambakes.

June 18, 2011

Dear East End Clambakes,

How do you do it?! Your lobster rolls are unlike any I’ve ever tasted. Chunks of fresh claw, a hint of lemon + herbs, all heaped on the most delicious brioche roll. The coleslaw and krinkle-fries round out a meal of perfection. I find them completely habit forming and dream worthy (especially during those winter months). Thank you for creating such a splendid compliment to summer weekends at the beach! You guys are the best!

Full + Happy,


paper + envelopes from Paper Presentation

WARNING: photo may make your mouth water and your belly grumble …





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