one-hundred and forty: a letter for Amelia Earhart

Seventy-nine years ago today, Amelia Earhart completed a two thousand mile transatlantic flight. Sure, Charles Lindbergh made the journey five years earlier (to the day in fact). But Ms Earhart was determined. And she succeeded. Don’t you just love that?!

Five years later she would embark on a trip around the world to never be heard from again. We lost a passionate and driven lady much too soon; thankfully her memory lives on.

May 21, 2011


I’m having a cupcake at lunch today in your honor. Truly. Sure your transatlantic flight was impressive and deserves recognition. And your many aviation awards and honors are noteworthy. But I’ve always been more enchanted with your spirit.

You had such fierce determination and a fearlessness most men can’t muster. You flew to faraway places, wrote best-selling books, and you supported the Equal Rights Amendment when it was less than fashionable. And you were a sought after lady too—letting some man propose six times is cruel (and also a little bit awesome).

And even though your world flight didn’t go as planned, your memory continues to captivate. You are an inspiration to so many women (we did eventually get those equal rights) and a legend in your own right. Aviator caps off to you, wherever you’ve landed.



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