one hundred and fifty-nine: a letter for a salad star

I’m a veggie lover through and through. Salads are generally my lunch go-to, so imagine my delight when I came across the salad star, Sade. This woman is an expert chopper—really, she could win a contest. She’s always smiling and has my preferred dash of dressing down to a science. People like Sade make the world a better (+ tastier) place.

June 9, 2011

Dear Store Manager,

I am writing today to sing the praises of Sade! I frequent Hale + Hearty locations, all over the city, and have yet to come across a more talented chopper! Sade provides superior customer service, and always with a smile. She expertly mixes ingredients and really listens when the customer says “just a little bit of dressing please.” I always sigh when I see her ladle-ing soup or ringing at the register because every salad she makes is perfection! Please pass along my appreciation!

Many thanks,


R. Nichols (graciously donated-thank you!)

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