one hundred and fifty-eight: a letter for Dr. Win

Friends, I got glasses. I’ve been blessed with surprisingly good eyesight despite my genetics (both my Mom and Dad were in specs by age twelve). I’m still getting used to my frames, feeling a little shy like Avery. But thanks to Dr. Win, eye extraordinaire, my left eye is getting a helpful little boost.

June 8, 2011

Dear Dr. Win,

Thanks for the flawless eye exam! I feel like it was my best yet—no sweaty palms or wooziness—and I left with my first ever prescription. Extra thanks for squeezing me in on such short notice. I’m pleased to report I found a lovely pair of Warby Parker glasses that are suiting me quite nicely. I’ve almost adjusted and have noticed a tremendous difference after hours in front of the computer.

Thanks again!

Crane & Co. 

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