one hundred and fifteen: postcards for Sarah + Ivanna

New York is finally seeing signs of spring: warm breezes, colorful tulips and snazzy sandal-clad commuters. So I thought it only right to send some spring cheer on this two-letter Tuesday. Today’s letters go out  to a couple of fine ladies, just because.

April 26, 2011

one hundred and fifteen:


I’m sorry you lost the house–I’m sure the spring showers will bring lots of good real estate. Everything is better when the sun is shining. And thanks for the restaurant recommendation. I’ll have to make a trip to Brooklyn soon. Happy spring and best wishes!


kate spade post card


one hundred and fifteen and a half:


Your new friend Sandy tells me you are studying photography–how lovely! I am quite fond of taking pictures and capturing moments myself. I hope this spring brings loads of inspiration and lots of good light! Happy snapping!

All the best,


kate spade postcard

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