ninety-seven: a love letter to Naturally Fresh

It’s probably evident by now, but I live to eat.

Carrot sticks dunked in ranch dressing is one of my most favorite snacks, dating back to my childhood. Up until now, I’ve had to use standby dips and dressings. But at last, I’m back to my original Naturally Fresh Lite Ranch. It’s a nostalgia thing I’m certain, but I am one happy snacker!

April 8, 2011

Dear Naturally Fresh,

Ah! You make the best ranch dressing ever. EVER.

I’ve been searching grocery stores high and low in New York, with no luck. And then I discovered your handy-dandy shipping service. Six mason jars of dressing are a little indulgent for a girl with a mini-fridge, but I will make room for your Lite Ranch any day. I also ordered a couple of your vinaigrettes—here’s hoping they are as good as my tried and true!

Thanks for making my carrot sticks sing. And for shipping home-style ranch all the way to New York City. Any chance, you can convince my local grocer to start stocking your zesty goodness? I would be so grateful!

Yours truly,


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    Great website and idea, Lauren! I’m impressed. A few years back, my sister and I wrote and recorded a song a day for 100 days. It can be tough to keep thinking up new ideas, but I hope you stick with it for the year. I think this is one of my favorite letters, because I initially thought you were writing a letter to the salad dressing that you were eating. Is there something cannibalistic about that? Humanizing the Ranch dressing you are about to consume?

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