I blame Micke.

A few of you especially thoughtful readers have asked after my whereabouts (this month, OMG). I did not deflect to Paris, or run out of stamps as guessed. I was assembling Micke.

Okay, that isn’t the whole truth. But his assembly took much longer than expected.

During my annual spring clean, it was decided I needed a better stationery storage system. I discovered this little buddy at ikea and thought it to be a perfect fit. The top three drawers offer ample space for stamps, ink-pads, pens, letter openers, stickers, etc. And the bottom drawer is a hanging filing cabinet, allowing me to organize cards by theme: birthday, congratulations, thank you. Perfect, right?

Well let’s just say Micke and I had a little tussle. I won in the end, but there were moments that just weren’t pretty friends. Ikea has this uncanny ability to make you feel like the biggest idiot/failure in thirty short instructional sketches. I have since regained my composure and am quite enjoying my new storehouse on wheels.

But I digress, sincere apologies for playing hooky for so many days. It was never my intention, but real life stuff got in the way (like the eight loads of laundry I just finished). I’m back now and I so thank you for sticking with me. A lot of letters are headed your way, starting now!

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