fifty-two: birthday love for Mike

Mike was my freshman roommate’s boyfriend–we solidified our friendship during an unplanned fire drill. Over the years we became good friends—he served me my first solo cup of ‘bucket sauce’ and checked my Spanish homework in exchange for shoulder rubs. Some of my best college memories include this guy. He is one of a kind, in so many ways.

Mike and Derek share an apartment in Boston and nothing pleases me more (or makes me laugh harder) than a visit with these two. I am so glad the memories have continued, long after graduation.

February 21, 2011


I know this birthday card pales in comparison to last year’s chocolate calf jabber, but I did think the whole kitten bit was very apropos for a guy like you, ahem. And you do make me very happy, all the way from Boston or even India for that matter (and especially when we go to restaurants with big stuffed bears…)

I hope you have a wonderful birthday with all the trimmings and none of the unpleasant morning-after side effects. We should celebrate properly next time you’re in town. Preferably with gin, sundaes and slow jams. And that next time should be soon, and last for more than a few hours. I have a bedbug free dwelling that will welcome you anytime you know.




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