eighty-two: in memory of Elizabeth Taylor

On March 23, 2011 the world lost a legend. Elizabeth Taylor was more than a Hollywood starlit—she was a tireless advocate for AIDS research. I am a sucker for anyone with a cause (and an ah-mazing collection of jewels).

March 24, 2011

Dear Elizabeth,

I hope you’re resting in peace comfortably. I imagine you lounging on a red velvet chaise, looking gorgeous as always. Your family surrounded you in your final moments. And today they laid you to rest—fifteen minutes after schedule, just as you requested.

Your violet eyes captivated audiences and dozens of suitors—you are a film legend. Most impressively, you championed a noble cause: AIDS research. You helped raise more than $100 million dollars and boosted public awareness. I hear you really lived life to the fullest, which I greatly admire. I know your children couldn’t be more proud of you or the legacy you leave behind. And your fans, well, you will live forever in our hearts and on the silver screen. Rest in peace.



P.S. I’m so sorry all the newspaper headlines scream Liz—I know you really hated that moniker.

P.P.S. Who got all your fabulous jewels?


  1. Katie says

    As a huge fan of Elizabeth Taylor, I have her book, “My Love Affair With Jewelry.” It’s amazing and a MUST READ for those who admire Taylor and jewels alike.

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