one hundred and thirty-six: letters for Stefanie + Sara

Today’s letters go out to Stefanie and Sara. Stefanie recently celebrated a big birthday (I will keep the official number under wraps—girl code). And Sara spent twenty-nine days giving gifts to others—how inspiring is that?

May 17, 2011

one hundred and thirty-six:


Your friend JoCarol let me in on your birthday secret. I know I missed it, but happy belated. I hope there was a giant cake and enough balloons to float you home after the party.

I love your plans for this year—I am picturing you dancing around your bedroom with the Beatles “Revolution” turned up nice and loud. I think everyone should have a life checklist to keep them on track and I applaud you on yours. From the sounds of it you’ve got a load of friends to encourage you every step of the way.

Best of luck on your journey,


Gartner Studios


one hundred and thirty-six and a half:


Your proud Mama bear wrote to me and told me all about your 29 Day Giving Challenge. Wow! I immediately wanted to know more.

I bet your lucky recipients felt so touched—isn’t it amazing how one small gesture can really make someone’s day? I have no doubt your commitment to this project has proved to be life changing. And I bet you’ve inspired a few people along the way too.

I applaud your efforts and your commitment Sara—I kind of want to take on the challenge myself (in full disclosure, I have a geeky love of wrapping paper and bows). Thanks for the great idea!



Gartner Studios

one hundred and twenty-nine: letters for Mary + Mary

Today’s letters are for Mary B. and Mary F.

Mary B. is facing some difficult decisions but taking them in stride. And Mary F. is busy planning a wedding, while overcoming some health challenges. I hope these requested letters bring a little sunshine to their respective days!

one hundred and twenty-nine:

Mary B,

I am so very sorry for your situation. Mind you, this is not “feeling sorry” masquerading as empathy. Unfaithful men are the worst! And the wake of their reckless decisions can be unbearable.

I am so proud of you! For standing up to your husband and for choosing a better life for you and your daughter—she will thank you for this someday. You are not a wounded puppy but a fierce warrior. And anyone who tells you otherwise probably just wants to protect you. This must be tough on the people who love you too.

I hope this time in your life flies, and that you find happiness and love again soon. I’ll be thinking of you.



Paper + Cup


one hundred and twenty-nine and a half:

Mary F,

Your friend Allison tells me wedding bells are in your near future. Congratulations! I have a foot in the wedding business and know planning a proper celebration can be equal parts fun and exhausting. I’m sure whatever you’ve cooked up will be just perfect for you and your fiancé.

Allison also mentioned a couple of health issues and medical bills threatening to rain on your parade. Chin up Mary! I hear you have a very sunny outlook in life (which I greatly admire) so chase those rain clouds away. I know it’s especially hard during times of trouble. I wish you good health and all the happiness you deserve. And a fairytale wedding to the man you love!



Paper + Cup

one hundred and twenty-two: a letter for Ana + Dianne

Today’s letters go out to a mom-to-be and a seasoned Mama, in honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday. Friends, there’s still time to pop a card in the mail for your Mom. What are you waiting for? Snap to it!

May 3, 2011

one hundred and twenty-two:


I understand congratulations are in order. Katya tells me you are bringing a beautiful new life into the world. She mentioned you are a little apprehensive too, this tiny miracle quite unexpected. Surprises are the best part of life Ana!

I have a hunch you will be a wonderful and loving mother. And I know you have the admiration and support of your ‘soul sister,’ no matter how many dirty nappies you force her to change. Congratulations and best wishes to you and the baby!



stationery unknown–sorry it’s circa 1994


one hundred and twenty-two and a half:


Happy (early) Mother’s Day! Kat sung your praises and suggested I send you a proper letter. She tells me you’re a dog lover—me too! I had a sweet and gentle black lab growing up. Now I live in a tiny apartment so I’m pet-less. I’d want to be fair to the pooch, and I like the big guys.

Although I have no children of my own, I know you Moms tend to worry about your kids. Kat hinted you are no exception. I hope you take Mother’s Day—your day—off! Take a bike ride and let your kids spoil you. You deserve it.

Best Wishes,


Bicycle Paintings from the Brooklyn Flea

one hundred and fifteen: postcards for Sarah + Ivanna

New York is finally seeing signs of spring: warm breezes, colorful tulips and snazzy sandal-clad commuters. So I thought it only right to send some spring cheer on this two-letter Tuesday. Today’s letters go out  to a couple of fine ladies, just because.

April 26, 2011

one hundred and fifteen:


I’m sorry you lost the house–I’m sure the spring showers will bring lots of good real estate. Everything is better when the sun is shining. And thanks for the restaurant recommendation. I’ll have to make a trip to Brooklyn soon. Happy spring and best wishes!


kate spade post card


one hundred and fifteen and a half:


Your new friend Sandy tells me you are studying photography–how lovely! I am quite fond of taking pictures and capturing moments myself. I hope this spring brings loads of inspiration and lots of good light! Happy snapping!

All the best,


kate spade postcard

one hundred and eight: a letter for Denise + Debbie

Today’s letters go out to two women in need of a little boost! One letter was requested by a loving sister, and the other by a devoted daughter. Isn’t family the just the best?

April 19, 2011

one hundred and eight:


Your sister bragged about your recent thirty-pound weight loss—holy, holy, look at you! That is so amazing. I know that kind of lifestyle change takes serious discipline. I heard mumblings about a new hair do too! You hot mama! Kelsey and Justin are lucky kiddos. And can we just talk about you and your adorable high-school sweetheart Ralph? I love that you two have stayed together all these years (my parents were high school sweethearts too). You should be so proud of yourself and all you’ve accomplished! I know your sister is (+ me too, even if we’re strangers!).

All the best,


Gartner Studios

one hundred and eight-in-a-half:


Your daughter Rachel told me about your husband’s health—I am so very sorry. And then she told me all about your Wonder Woman efforts to support your family. I am awed. I hope you know how much your family appreciates all the sacrifices you make. They think you’re pretty darn great. And so do I!

I’m crossing my fingers thing improve on the work front, and that your husband recovers. I have to imagine your days are long and often thankless. But please know your family loves you so much. And stranger in New York is cheering you on!

All the best,


Gartner Studios

** Special thanks to Leslie for the shopping recommendation–these cheery cards are from Target!

one-hundred and one: letters for Greg + Diana

Happy two-letter Tuesday!

I’m an only child. I always wanted siblings and getting these touching letter requests makes me long for them even more. Greg, brother of Allyson needs a little pick-me-up. And Diana, sister of Claudia needs some encouragement and job-luck. I hope I delivered on behalf of these family-loving ladies.

April 12, 2011

one hundred and one:


Allyson tells me you’re a fellow grilled cheese lover. Cheers! Tell me, what’s your favorite kind? I’m partial to gruyere on olive bread with caramelized onions (if you ever make it to NYC check out ‘wichcraft), or anything smothered in truffle butter.

I hear you’re a little down in the dumps these days. Truth be told, your sister made a reference to your case of the ‘mean reds’ and I nearly died with delight. Not for your reds of course. I am a sucker for Capote and Miss Hepburn.

I hope things turn around for you. And soon. A funny guy and southern gentleman like yourself deserves smiles too! I’m thinking you just need a little spring. The second I stash my winter coat my mood skyrockets. Perhaps you should pair your next grilled cheese with some Macallan? For good measure…

Best Wishes,


fierce MALLY


one hundred and one and a half:


Your sister tells me you are having quite a time of it finding a job. Bummer! The whole visa situation can really be the pits. I studied in London during my junior year of college and have been dying to get back ever since. I wish they had some kind of government-sponsored swap in place—one in, one out. I’m sure plenty of people would love to trade places!

I know the current job market can be really discouraging, and that the hunt for employment can suck your emotions dry. Keep on keeping on. Hard work always pays off and not to get all Pollyanna on you, but where there is a will, there is always a way. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you.

All the best,


Sarah Drake (graciously donated–thank you!)


ninety-four: a letter for Alexander and Ethan

Today’s mail goes out to two young men who are working on their letter-writing and penmanship skills. I applaud their mother for instilling such timeless moxie—girls are going to swoon for this in ten years time.  Alexander (nearly twelve) and Ethan (nine years of age) are brothers. With any luck at all they’ll like snail-mail-turned-paper-airplanes as much as they adore Gracie, the family dog.

April 5, 2011



How are you? My name is Lauren and I love writing letters. Your Mom told me about you so I decided to send you a letter.

She said you’re a smart cookie, and that you always have your nose in a book. I love to read too! What are you reading now? Do you have a favorite genre of literature? I really like fiction—it’s the perfect way to escape into another world for a bit. My nightstand is stacked tall with books. I only wish I had more time to read.

I hear you also like to play soccer. Do you play on a team? What position do you play? When I lived in London, I would watch soccer games at the local pub. Soccer is a big deal in the UK and the games were really lively and exciting. I bet you’re looking forward to spring so you can get back on the field!

Good luck finishing up school for the year—are you counting down the days until summer vacation? Keep up all the learning and reading!



P.S. You can fold this letter into a paper airplane! :)

Par Avion Paper Airplane Note Cards


ninety-four and-a-half:


How are you? My name is Lauren and I love writing letters. Your Mom told me about you, so I decided to write you a letter.

She filled me in on your love of sports, especially football. What’s your favorite team? Now that the season is over are you going to start watching baseball? I had so much fun watching March Madness. I wish my team, the Syracuse Orangemen, had held on a little longer.

I hear you are also interested in Europe. I love Spain and Italy. My most favorite city is Barcelona—its so full of culture and excitement. I hope you get to visit some day. And Italy is an eater’s paradise! Do you like pasta? Italians make some of the most delicious pasta! And pizza!

I hope you have a good rest of the school year—only a few more months to go! And best of luck on the football field!



P.S. You can fold this letter into a paper airplane! :)

Par Avion Paper Airplane Note Cards



eighty-seven: letters for Alison + Virginia

Hello, two-letter Tuesday! These days are becoming a real favorite of mine. Today’s letters go out to another pair of special ladies. Alison is figuring out her next steps after the loss of a loved one and a job–on the same day (the real pits!). And Virginia recently celebrated her seventeenth birthday. Enjoy!

March 29, 2011



I understand you’re having a rough go of it in 2011. Susan told me about the loss of your grandfather. I am so very sorry. I know he’s in a better place now. And he will forever be part of your heart.

And about your job woes—what a bummer! The timing couldn’t have been worse I’m sure. I know first hand how difficult it can be to find fulfilling employment. In my experience, a positive attitude goes a long way. Don’t get defeated. Keep sticking your neck out there and something is sure to turn up.

I never expected to be where I am today, but I realize its all part of the journey. There is this unknown quote that always kept me going when I thought things couldn’t be worse: “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.” I hope this helps you through the rough patch. And know you’ve got lovely friends like Susan who are just a phone call (or a proper letter) away.

Best of Luck,


kate spade




Happy Belated Birthday! Ms. Frances tells me you had a bit of an abbreviated celebration for the big 1-7. What a shame. I am sorry to hear about the fair health of your sister. I think the two of you need birthday do-overs! I say you plan a proper celebration on your half birthdays in September. The weather will be perfect and everyone will have their summer glow. It’s a brilliant plan if I do say so myself!

Your godmother also tells me you’ve got big dreams to study literature in college and to spend a semester abroad in the UK. I spent my spring semester of my junior year in London—quite possibly the best five months of my life! I love everything about that city and would do anything to return (for good). When you go, because I am quite sure you will, be sure to fill up on their amazing museums, fish + chips and that swoon-worthy accent!

I hope your seventeenth year is your best yet—you’ve got a big, bright future ahead!



R.Nichols (graciously donated–thank you!)

eighty: letters for Natalie + Julie

I picked two letter requests at random today. Jessica wrote me the sweetest note, raving about her friend Natalie, a lovely twenty-something exploring France and finding her way in life. And the other letter goes out to Julie, a loving mother who is rebuilding her life. Carmen, the requestor, wrote to me with such compassion and pride for her mother. I am honored to send a little encouragement via post to these fierce women.

March 22, 2011



Please tell me you are taking full advantage of the macaroons, croissants, and delicious fromage just down the Rue! Golly, I’m envious. Jessica tells me you are busy conquering the world, one adventure at a time.

I too worked in magazines—I was an editor for nearly four years. I have to imagine life in France is much less volatile than the ever-changing publishing industry. How’s your French coming along? I’m sure you’re getting great practice. And let’s be serious, even if you are royally screwing up the tenses, I’m sure you sound just lovely!

I think it is just wonderful that you are taking this time to discover what you are all about. You will never have this opportunity again, and self-discovery should happen at all costs, whenever possible. I wish you lots of luck on your journey, in Paris no less (did I mention how completely envious I am?)! May you return to the US in a few months, totally rejuvenated and with a suitcase full of fabulous flea market finds and a belly full of yum!

All the best,


Sugar Paper




Your lovely daughter Carmen has told me all about you. I understand there is brand spanking new in your life these days. I am so excited for you! This may stem from my complete adoration of dogs (hi, new puppy Brandi). A new job is always a great way to refocus and start again. And your soon-to-be renovated kitchen sounds pretty amazing too. I love to cook, and in my experience, a batch of homemade brownies cures all blues.

I know we are strangers, but I want to applaud your brave choices and your commitment to your own happiness. We all must take ownership of our lives, however difficult that can be at times. I’m certain good things are in store for you. So Julie, turn up the Britney and dance!



Greer Chicago + Muji Pen

seventy-four: letters for Avery + Travis

I am delighted have so many lovely letter requests! As such, I feel it necessary to implement (drum roll please) two-letter Tuesday! Every Tuesday (for the foreseeable future) you’ll find a pair of notes addressed to deserving requestees. Do you know someone who needs a letter? Tell me!

Today’s letters were both requested by proud Mama bears. Avery, age eight, just got glasses and is a little apprehensive about facing her classmates. And Travis is nearing the finish line of Navy Boot Camp.

March 15, 2011



Your Mom told me about your glasses. How exciting! Did you get to pick out your frames? What color are they? I bet you can see all the way to the top of the Empire State Building now.

I think glasses are pretty neat. When I was your age all the smartest kids wore them. I bet you’re smart too. And just think—you’ll win every game of i-spy with your new and improved vision!



Crane Stationery


Dear Travis,

A little birdie told me you needed a boost to coast through your last five weeks of boot camp. Consider this encouragement “YOU CAN DO IT” an order!

I am so thankful for your commitment to the Navy and by extension, our country. I can imagine your training is no stroll in the park—especially with a 3 AM wake up call (what time is lights out?!). I am in awe of your fitness regimen—running + pushups? I’m lucky if I log twenty minutes a couple times a week on the elliptical. And don’t even get me started on the pushups (an old boyfriend affectionately referred to my limbs as stork arms—probably not far from the truth). Do they ever get easier?

I hope these next few weeks fly! I’ll be cheering you on from New York and thinking of your journey ahead.



P.S. This birdie also mentioned your boots are killing your feet so I enclosed some camo band-aids. :)

kate spade